General Psychiatry

Preparing physicians to become competent, sensitive psychiatrists capable of treating the variety of patients that will come under their care remains key to the mission of the department. A tripartite system of broad and intensive clinical experience, individual supervision, and didactic seminars anchors the general psychiatry residency program. The educational program is divided into three major areas: the acquisition of clinical skills, the establishment of a psychiatric knowledge base, and the personal growth of the individual as he or she develops as a psychiatrist.

The program emphasizes the value of an in-depth understanding of individuals that provides the foundation for the program’s exceptional competence in the teaching of psychotherapy, biological psychiatry, research, and the realities of today’s rapidly changing health care delivery systems. Residents graduate from the program well prepared for a wide range of psychiatric careers that may include research, teaching, and hospital-based or private practice. The four-year program in general psychiatry enrolls 32 residents. Each year, eight first-year positions become available and start in June.