Clinical Trials and Behavioral Studies

Our current active protocols are listed below. If you have any questions about the particular study protocol, please contact the study coordinator.  For more information about the research or participation in general, please call our office at 312-695-8643.

Feinberg Clinical Trials

Scientists at the medical school are conducting hundreds of clinical trials daily. Learn more about all our work via the Feinberg Office of Research Clinical Trials page. Search for trials by disease or condition.

CoordinatorPIStudy Description
Marko Mihailovic MA, LPC, CCRC
marko.mihailovic( at )
Morris Goldman, MD

Study Title: Oxytocin Faces

Target Population: Adults 18 to 65 years old with psychosis.

Aim: To determine whether the hormone oxtyocin influences how patients interpret pictures of people’s faces.

Melody Fairchild, MAT
m-fairchild( at )
James Reilly, PhD

Study Title: Chicago Adolescent Longitudinal Study;

Target Population: Adolescents and young adults (ages 12 to 26 years old) with changes in thoughts, feelings, and behavior OR drug use.

Aim: To understand more about early phases of mental illness.

Tania Michaels, BS
tania.michaels( at )
Evan Goulding, MD, PhD

Study Title: Mobile Monitoring for Long-Term Behavioral Data Collection in Bipolar Disorder

Target Population: Adults 18 to 65 years old with Bipolar Disorder.

Aim:  To evaluate the use of mobile phones for collecting behavioral data to improve the ability to detect symptoms and improve treatment.

To learn more about this study, please visit our website at

Leah Drummond, BA
leah.drummond( at )
Herbert Meltzer, MD

Study Title: High Dose Lurasidone (HDL)

Target Population: Adults 18 to 60 years old with treatment-resistant psychosis.

Aim: To determine the efficacy of a high dose of Latuda for people diagnosed with treatment-resistant psychosis.

Ilse Salinas, BA
ilse.salinas( at )
Herbert Meltzer, MD

Study Title: Envivo 015 and 017

Target Population: Adults 18-50 years old with schizophrenia (in the stable phase). 

Aim: To investigate whetner the study drug is a potential treatment for cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia and/or psychosis.

Faraz Hussain
faraz.hussain( at )
James Reilly, PhD

Study Title:   GLYX-13

Target Population:  Healthy individuals and individuals with schizophrenia or schizoaffective from 18 to 40 years old.

Aim:  To investigate whether a novel medication can improve learning and memory in healthy adults and those with psychiatric illness

Jessica Berger, LCSW
jessica.berger1( at )
Lei Wang, PhD

Study Title: HippoPCI

Target Population: Female breast cancer patients between 50 to 65 years old.

Aim: To improve our understanding of differences in size, shape and activity of a variety of brain areas that can occur in women with breast cancer undergoing adjuvant chemotherapy or hormonal therapy, and how these brain areas are related to the development of mild cognitive impairment as a result  treatment.

Melody Fairchild MAT
m-fairchild( at )
Mehmet E. Dokucu, MD PhD

Study Title: Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) in Cancer Patients with Depression and Anxiety

Target Population: Cancer Patients between 22 to 70 years old who are currently depressed.

Aim: To test the safety and tolerability of left- and right-sided rTMS as a treatment for depression and anxiety in cancer survivors. 

Stephanie Schuette
nwu-sas375( at )
Crystal Clark, MD, MSc

Study Title: Pharmacokinetics of Lamotrigine in Pregnant and Postpartum Women with Bipolar Disorder

Target Population: Pregnant Women ages 18-45 years old who are taking daily Lamotrigine (Lamictal) for Bipolar Disorder.

Aim: To assess the impact of the dynamic physiology of pregnancy on the L/D ratio and bioavailability of LTG in women with Bipolar Disorder.

Stephanie Schuette
nwu-sas375( at )
312-695-6010 Ext. 56010
Suena H. Massey, MD

Study Title: Can Prenatal Oxytocin Concentration Predict Likelihood of Postpartum Depression?

An Opportunity for Early Intervention and Prevention in a Vulnerable Population.

Target Population: Pregnant Women ages 18 and older who are not currently receiving treatment for depression.

Aim: To determine the relationship between third trimester plasma oxytocin concentration and symptoms of postpartum depression

Andrea Roberts BA
andrea.roberts( at )
Hans Breiter, MD

Study Title: Chicago Adolescent Low-level Marijuana Use Study

Target population: Males age 18-19 who use marijuana recreationally or have never used marijuana.

Aim: To investigate the effects of adolescent marijuana use on brain function. 

Sarah O'Dor, MS
northwesternresearchgroup( at )
Hans Breiter, MD

Study Title: Neurological Mechanisms of Treatment project (NMT)

Target Population: 14-16 year old adolescents either with a current Major Depressive Disorder diagnosis, or with no lifetime history of psychiatric illness

Aim: To examine how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) changes brain activation in adolescents with Major Depressive Disorder.

Marko Mihailovic MA, LPC, CCRC
marko.mihailovic( at )
Morris Goldman, MD

Study Title: Characterization of the neural network underlying prepulse inhibition (PPI)

Target Population: Adults 18 to 35 years old with psychosis (Schizophreania or Schizoaffective disorder).

Aim:  To identify a discrete and specific pathophysiologic finding that is closely associated with psychopathology in severe mental illness, and may yield new diagnostic tools and treatment interventions.